An Important Schedule Change

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve made a change to the schedule of events for Friday afternoon. In order to make the BGA Customer Service class accessible to both SERJ and SE-SBW attendees, we’ve changed its time to 3-5pm. We’ve also moved the class to join the rest of the SCAA offerings at the Dilworth Coffee Training Center.

There will be no additional fee to attend this class if you are a paid registrant of either the SERJ or the SE-SBW. If you are a SERJ registrant that is interested in attending this class, please email the SCAA Event Manager Melissa Bula at .

In its place, we will be offering a session on espresso equipment from 1-2:45. We’ll discuss espresso machine and grinder principles of operation, different boiler configurations, burr styles, care and feeding, advanced features, and tweaks to obtain best possible performance. Presenters for this class will be Authorized La Marzocco Tech Brent Hall of Counter Culture and Authorized Rancilio Tech Brady Butler of Carolina Espresso Services.

For those that do not plan to attend the BGA Customer Service class, we’ll be having open jam time at Counter Culture. This session will allow attendees to try out the various equipment and techniques discussed earlier in the day.

If anyone has any questions about this change, please contact me at .

Thanks again for your interest in this great event. Looking forward to seeing you all there.


~ by southeastregion on November 8, 2009.

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